• Greywater Installation

  • Laundry to Landscape

  • Natural Building

  • Earthen Bath Houses


Branched drain systemGreywater Design & Installation
Save thousands of gallons of water each year by installing a residential greywater system that can feed water to your garden, fruit trees or landscape. Grey water systems recycle water from the bath, shower and/or sink to save water and reduce your water bill.  Learn more about greywater systems.



Yuba Libre Bath HouseNatural Building
Interested in having a small alternative structure built on your land? We specialize in small bath houses and other outbuildings that are made with on site materials and hand crafted for beauty and function.  See more photos and learn more here.



Classes & Workshops
Workshops are available for those who want to learn DIY greywater systems and other sustainable living practices.  Check out what’s available here.