???????????????????????????????Matt Berry offers a unique approach to ecological design, blending his interests and expertise permaculture, greywater design, natural building, field biology and botany and primitive earth skills.  He is a Level II Certified Greywater Installer and is currently working with Nevada County to install the first permitted greywater system design for a new home. He is a Certified Permaculture Designer and worked as the Garden Manager at the Regenerative Design Institute in Bolinas for 4 years, where he learned many of his greywater and natural building skills from top instructors in these fields.

Matt  holds a BS in Integrated Natural Resource Management and also works as a seasonal botanist monitoring plants in the high Sierras as part of a study on Range Ecology and Climate Change.  With his passion for indigenous skills, Matt also teaches classes in wildcrafting food and functional art at various venues in Northern California.  Every Spring and Fall season, he and his herbalist wife Rachel Berry offer a Wild Food and Medicine CSA in Nevada City, where they live with their daughter, Amara.

Other workshops Matt has taught:

Wild Food walks


Everything Acorn

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Backyard Mushroom Cultivation for Food & Soil Fertility


Foraging Skills, for Edible and Medicinal Plants

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Creating a Native & Perennial Food Forest




Hoop Drums


Primitive pottery


Cattail Adventure


Bark Buckets