Costs & Savings

IMG_20131225_141214Water is becoming the new “gold” in the Sierra Foothills. With the Sierra snowpack way below average, having a water efficient home is one way to be prepared. Features of a water efficient home may include low flow fixtures, native drought tolerant plantings, waterless toilet, rainwater catchment, and of course reusing greywater for landscape irrigation.  By installing a simple greywater system at home, an average family of 3 can save up to 40,000 gallons a year! Diverting greywater to your fruit trees or landscape saves our precious potable water, and as the drought continues, it may save your garden, too!

Greywater Consultations
Greywater consultations are available to assess your home water usage, as well as your landscape, home, and existing plumbing to determine the best graywater solution for your site.  All consultations are made by Matt Berry, Level II Certified Greywater Installer and Certified Permaculture Designer.

Consultations are typically done in about an hour, and cost $75 (plus travel, if applicable).  If you choose to hire us to install a system, the cost of the consultation is deductible from the price of installation.  An extended consultation is also available for those who would like help designing a system to install themselves.

We use a sustainable and resilient whole systems approach with Permaculture principals when looking at the landscape, integrating food forests, veggie gardens, orchards, water catchment and native drought tolerant plants. We also offer affordable natural building of bath houses and small creative outbuildings that are “alive” and healthy, using onsite resources/re-purposed materials whenever possible.

Design & Installation Costs
Every design and installation is unique due to the characters and qualities of each home, and the individual desires of each homeowner.  We use a sustainable whole systems approach with our designs, with an eye for integrating food forests, veggie gardens, orchards, water catchment and native drought tolerant plants.   Here are some general quotes to give you a rough idea of design and installation costs.

The ‘Laundry to Landscape’ System: includes installation of all plumbing inside and landscape irrigation parts to reuse water from the clothes washer, including a diverter switch in the house to choose ‘landscape’ or “septic/sewer’ for each load.
Average ballpark cost: Materials $250 + labor $500 = $750

The Branched Drain System: includes installation of all plumbing and gravity fed irrigation from one or more sources of greywater (sink, tub, shower, laundry), including a diverter switch to choose ‘landscape’ or “septic/sewer’ that can be easily changed by homeowner.
Average ballpark cost: Materials $500 + labor $1000 = $1500