• Natural Plaster

  • Light-clay-straw

  • Mosaic

  • Cob kitchen

Natural Building

Want to have a little tucked away place to get away to on your property? Having issues with the county and want a solution that is legal? Depending on your site you can legally have other structures that are less than 100 sq ft built without a permit and can be built with beauty and onsite natural materials. We specialize in light-clay-straw (LSC), straw bale and cob structures. A hybrid of all three we believe is ideal; straw bale on the north side, LSC on the east & west and cob on the south or front of the building. By having a passive solar designed building the temperature inside stays comfortable all year long, saving time, energy and money required in cooling and heating.

If you want or need a building to be permitted it can be done through Nevada County R301.1.1.1 Alternative provisions for limited-density owner-built rural dwellings, also referred to as Title 25.

We can come out and do a site assessment and get a rough estimate of what it would cost for a project. 530-205-6505


Cob Kitchen

Cob Kitchen (8)
Cob Kitchen interior


Cob Kitchen (9)
Natural plastering interior walls


Cob Kitchen (14)
School kids making and learning about cob


Cob Kitchen
Cob niche with blue bottles


Cob Kitchen (2)
Building cob corners


Light Clay Straw & Cob Bath House

Yuba Libre Bath House
Yuba Libre Bath House


Bath House interior
Interior of light clay straw/cob bath house


Interior with lime plaster


Bath house in progress


Block window detail


LCS wall with plumbing before plaster


Mosaic on natural plaster


Composting toilet made from yurt crate and natural materials

Composting toilet light claw straw wall still drying


Composting toilet with pee/poo separator seat


Composting Toilet2
Composting toilet